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Car Window Tinting in Salt Lake City and Sandy, Utah

If you’ve ever looked out your car window and thought it was uncomfortably bright without sunglasses, you may need window tinting for your car. It doesn’t matter what season it is. In Utah, all seasons are good seasons to have your car windows tinted. If you need car window tinting in Salt Lake City or Sandy, M&M Automotive is here for you!

Utah Car Window Tint Laws

Before you get started with window tinting, make sure you’re familiar with Utah’s car window tinting laws. Different windows can have different tint levels: 

  • The windshield has the strictest requirements. The glass below the AS-1 line must allow 70% of light through. 
  • The front side windows must allow more than 43% of light through. 
  • Any darkness can be used on the back side windows and rear window. 
  • Neither the front side windows nor the back side windows can have tint with a metallic or mirrored appearance.

You should also know that Utah does allow medical exemptions that permit deeper tinting. To qualify, you’ll need a doctor’s recommendation and a Utah highway patrol exemption letter.

Reasons to Tint Your Windows

Window tinting can look cool, but that’s the most superficial reason to tint your car windows. Car window tinting in Sandy and Salt Lake City can have multiple benefits: 

  1. It can help your car stay cooler in the summer by blocking some of the heat transference from the sun. During the winter, tinting may make it easier to see by reducing the brightness of the sun reflecting off of the snow as you drive. 
  2. Since UV rays can damage your car’s interior, tinted windows offer protection and preserve your car’s value. 
  3. The sun isn’t the only thing tinted windows can offer a measure of protection from. Thieves will have a harder time seeing into your vehicle to identify valuables they want to steal and will be more likely to move on to a better target. 
  4. Tinted windows also offer an extra measure of privacy for you and anyone else in your car.

Factory Tint vs Aftermarket Tint

Your car windows may come with factory tint, or they may not. If your car windows came tinted, it may only be on the back windows and may be a darker colored glass, rather than a film that has been added to the glass. 

If you have factory-tinted windows, consider getting aftermarket car window tinting for your Salt Lake City or Sandy, UT vehicle. Factory tinting tends to be more for privacy purposes than anything else. Because of this, it may allow more harmful UV rays and solar heat to penetrate your windows than aftermarket window tinting would. That leaves you and your car’s interior more vulnerable to the harmful effects of sun exposure. Aftermarket tinting is the way to go for superior car window tinting in Salt Lake City or Sandy.

Let M&M Automotive Tint Your Car Windows

Once you’ve decided to add tinting to your car windows, you need to find a place to do it. Come to M&M Automotive! We can tint your windows to keep them consistent with Utah car window tint laws while meeting your needs. Don’t delay–our experienced technicians are ready and waiting to wow you with our unparalleled experience and services until you’re satisfied!